Co-creating Sustainable Tomorrow

Institutional Buyers


CINCOMM’s commitment towards designing a solution for the problem of malnutrition has already met with positive responses from various Institutional and Development partners within the state of West Bengal.


A partial list of all these value partners is enumerated below:


District: Birbhum

  1. Office of DPO (ICDS)
  2. Nalhati – Office of CDPO (ICDS)

District: 24 Parganas (South)

  1. Bishnupur I (ICDS)
  2. Bishnupur II (ICDS)
  3. Canning (ICDS)
  4. Diamond Harbour I (ICDS)
  5. Diamond Harbour II (ICDS)
  6. Bhangar I (ICDS)
  7. Bhargar II (ICDS)

District: Murshidabad

  1. Sagardighi
  2. Nabagram
  3. Beldanga I
  4. Bendanga II
  5. Farakka
  6. Hariharpara
  7. Suti I
  8. Suti II
  9. Bharatpur I

NGOs who placed bulk orders (500 kgs and above)

  1. Lake Gardens
  2. Sundarban Social Development Center
  3. Vidya Shakti
  4. Durbar
  5. Vijay Sangha