Co-creating Sustainable Tomorrow

Our Logo

Version 1

The logo of CINCOMM is the culmination of all the core values that the organization stands for. CINCOMM believes in the culture of innovation, agility, inclusivity and holistic approach towards development, all through a sustainable approach. All the symbols and imagery represents one or multiple aspects of this philosophy.


The combination of the sun, plant & water represents our embedded-ness in the ecosystem and commitment towards sustainable ecology, thus implying the broader perspective of the organizational philosophy.


The individual symbols represent the other facets, like the green plant stands for innovation, water for agility and sun imbibes a sense of inclusivity. Finally, the mother & the child represent our vision of a contributing to a Child and Women Friendly Community (CWFC). We envision that the mother and child in the logo of our patent organization, with the help of the new organization now stand on their own feet, happily. Together CINI and CINCOMM works for care, protection, rights and independence of the community members.


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