Co-creating Sustainable Tomorrow

Co-Creation Anchors

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The group of members comprises of Social business experts, Action researcher and Volunteers.

Rajib K. Haldar

Rajib HaldarMr. Rajib K. Haldar is the Additional Director of Child in Need Institute (CINI).His earlier professional engagements include: Executive Director, Institute of Juvenile Justice based in New Delhi, served as Technical Advisor to UNAIDS and short –term Consultant with UNICEF Country Office and International Labour Organization, New Delhi. He was instrumental to set up a social business enterprise in skills development, livelihood and economic empowerment sector under Section 25 Company Act. He has participated in EU Parliament visit in Brussels as the young global leader to present India country perspectives on child rights and public health nutrition issues.

Rajib has more than one and half decade’s experience to his credit, considerably drawn from interactions with national and international policy making bodies and corporate sector partnerships through FICCI and CII. He also served as a member of the first Core Group of Credibility Alliance for accountability and governance in the voluntary sector.


As CINCOMM co-creation anchor and executive committee member, Rajib leads the strategic initiatives and operational exchanges that involve both CINI and CINCOMM. He can be contacted at


Indranil Biswas

nilIndranil is a volunteer at CINCOMM working on value chain strategy. He leverages his past experience of working in supply chain operations in a Navratna CPSE, to create value delivery options for CINCOMM products.


Presently Indranil is a senior doctoral candidate with the Operations Management Group at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. His present research interest areas are Supply Chain Contracts, Social Value Chain Efficiency and Development Sector Partnerships.


Ashish Kumar Jha

akj1At CINCOMM, Ashish works as a committed volunteer assisting CINCOMM on deploying IT driven delivery solutions and possible partnership options with Technology players.


Presently Ashish is a senior doctoral student with the Management Information Systems Group at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. His present research interest areas are Innovation Management in IT companies and Network driven innovation in services sector.


Anjan Ghosh


Anjan is an action researcher works with CINCOMM in developing organizational strategy. A doctoral candidate with the Strategic Management Group, IIM Calcutta – his present research interest areas are Strategic Transition towards Organizational Hybridism in Social Enterprise.

Anjan has 15 years of global management experience in new ventures and change management.