Co-creating Sustainable Tomorrow


Snippet 5


Following the philosophy of CINI, the mission statement of CINCOMM is same as that of CINI’s –

“Sustainable development in health, nutrition, education and protection of child, adolescent and woman in need”

Organizational Objective of CINCOMM

  • Sustainable Social Profit: Generating surplus for CINI through ethical business, in order to provide long term economic stability to the parent organization.
  • Selection of Offerings: Social business offerings, in terms of products and services, should be aligned with CINI’s vision and mission of sustainable development
  • Community Involvement: Economic value creation (income generation) for the community is intended by creating the community integrated to the product/ service value chain
  • Social Development: A part of surplus is used for sustaining and scaling up the operation of CINCOMM, rest goes back to society through CINI