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Activities Snippet

We leverage the core competencies of our parent organization CINI in providing the following services:


Nutrition Related Services


                a. Pre Nutrition Services

The three services of CINI – the ‘Nutritional Counselling and Care Sessions (NCCS)’ strengthening services, CINI-Nutrimix and last but not the least, the data analysis and reporting services that we believe, would be the appropriate services from CINI to strengthen our initiatives in fighting malnutrition.

NCCS, under the Positive Deviance Plus Initiative (PD Plus) has proven to be an effective way to fight malnutrition. Still, in many places – lack of training, manpower and infrastructure has weakened the model. We have deep expertise and proven track record in strengthening the model through our resource mobilization and facilitation services.


               b. Post Nutrition Services

Major effort goes into launching a new initiative and

running it, but little attention is given into measuring the success of such programs and development of strategies based on the learning from the programs. We utilize the capabilities

of CINI in recording, analyzing and reporting of the data on the malnourished children of the geographical area of your proposed intervention initiatives.

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Micro-market Creation

Presently we are working with a number of development institutions to establish small to me

dium capacity production in rural locations to be managed by the community members Suited to the local condition, CINCOMM will establish small or medium local units to be partially or fully operated by local communities driven by the principle of “from the community, by the community and for the community”. With support from development institutions we are going to co-create self sustaining localized micro-markets that eradicates child malnutrition and generate livelihood opportunities. The production unit is modular and production processes can be manual, automatic or hybrid.


Refer to the our Nutrition page for further insights