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Support Services : Development Research

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CINI, the parent organization of CINCOMM has 40 years of field research experience. We understand the challenges faced by the researchers. To address the issue, CINCOMM has designed research support services.


DR1 DR2We realize that the development sector needs more research than is presently conducted. Often researchers from other locations and countries face significant challenges in the field when they come to conduct field research in West Bengal. Very often the researchers struggled with field selection, establishing communication, interviewing, data collection as well as logistic challenges like accommodation, connectivity etc.


Realizing such challenges we have come up with a division dedicated to research related assistance. We have built an infrastructure ‘Manobitan’ in rural Bengal to assist development research. Our team helps the researchers in selecting the field, field interviews, data collection and logistical support. We can also assist in establishing collaborations or institutional partnerships for qualitative, quantitative and action research.


We are committed to methodological research and ethical practices. We don’t encourage or support exploitation of the vulnerable groups.